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The Broken Rites secret facebook page is now up and running.  To join in the conversation either fill in the website enquiry form on the Contact Us page or speak to a member of Broken Rites.

Stop press:  Members of BR have for some time been able to use a secret Facebook BR page to contact with other members. Now we have a new (also secret) Facebook group 'Clergy Marriage in Crisis', which is for those who are still in clergy marriages and so not yet members of BR, who would welcome a confidential space in which to rant/find support/share advice. Some members of the BR Facebook page also use this new page, and their speaking out of experience of actual break-up may help you think through how life might be after leaving a clergy marriage. If you think that joining this Facebook page is for you, please send your request to join via 'Contact us' above, or speak to a member of BR.

Annual Report 2017 is now available here

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Michele Guinness

Read Michele Guinness's article published in the May/June 2013 edition of "Families First" - the Mother's Union magazine. Her article uses personal stories to show how Broken Rites continues to help many divorced and separated clergy spouses.

Michele contributes to a number of magazines, including "Families First, Woman Alive," (where she had a cookery column for two years), "Christianity" and "The Church of England Newspaper." She has also written eleven books, most from her uniquely Jewish perspective, including "The Heavenly Party: Recover the Fun - Life-Changing Celebrations for Home and Community," published by Monarch. She has been very supportive of Broken Rites and has led some discussions with the committee about the future and aims of Broken Rites.