Orange Butterfly

From divorce to new hope

Broken Rites is an international group offering mutual support and information to divorced and separated spouses and partners of clergy and recognised ministers.

When a clergy marriage falls apart we are:

Here for you. Broken Rites can help you by giving support and understanding on a one to one basis when needed. We also hold local group meetings (where possible), provide information and signpost sources of help which may be practical, financial or spiritual.

There for others. Broken Rites is a campaigning organisation. We act as a pressure group within the various churches by raising awareness of the particular difficulties and issues which may occur following a clergy marriage breakdown including such issues as pension sharing and housing.

Broken Rites members have all experienced clergy marriage breakdown and understand the emotional impact when someone loses not just a spouse or partner but their home, their way of life. sense of purpose, place in the community and sometimes their faith or job. We understand the embarrassment that comes with the public nature of the separation and the effect that all this has on children and the wider family.

Broken Rites was formed in 1983 largely on the initiative of the Right Honourable Frank Field MP who had a particular interest in the social and emotional problems facing separated and divorced clergy spouses and partners. He invited anyone in this position to contact him. 26 people responded and so the group was formed. Our aims can be found on the “about us” page.

Butterfly From ChrysalisOur adopted symbol is the butterfly. New life does emerge from a chrysalis giving us hope for the future. This owl’s eye butterfly from Costa Rica is seen emerging from its chrysalis.