Our "Listening Ear" Service


A few years ago we asked members to kindly let us know of any skills they had that they could offer to Broken Rites. From the few responses we had were two ladies who had trained as counsellors and were willing to be available at the end of a telephone to listen to anyone with a need to talk to someone anonymously. Shirley in Scotland, who is a retired GP and Divorce counsellor, and Gillian in the North West, who is a Counsellor within the NHS, were amongst the few that responded. So they became our ‘Listening Ears’. We felt at that time that their phone numbers should only be available through the Reps and Links. They have agreed for their names and telephone numbers to be included in the Rite Lines and Annual Report, so that members may phone direct, and confidentially, within Broken Rites.

If you wish to become a member and take advantage of their kind offer please contact us.


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