Book review

The Life-saving divorce

Many of us BR members brought up as good Christian girls did our best to try and follow the Bible’s teachings. But now we live with a sense of having colluded in our own destruction. We picked up the message that our highest destiny was as a “helpmeet” to a Christian husband. Marital breakdown was never on the radar. Older members remember how those divorced, for any reason, were refused communion by the church.

Since the early 1980’s BR has been working to understand & overcome the mindset that led us to understand divorce as a failure, something that lessened us & made our lives a disappointment to God.

Lessons learned are here summed up in a book, & we’re thankful that this is now available for all who care about what the Bible really says.

There is a need for a similar book on our side of the Atlantic, as the style & context inevitably feels alien sometimes. But the universal truths, & the understanding of our situations, applies everywhere. Church culture has in many ways been oppressive where marriage & divorce are concerned. This gives me hope of a shift towards justice, as eyes are opened to Bible teachings freed from patriarchal spin. I hope this will be read by Christian teachers & ministers, as well as those of us at the sharp end.


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